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The reason I like being with the top agent team is because the culture. Our culture of people that are coming to work every single day with a like minded attitude helping out as many clients as we possibly can.
Rip Ramsey
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Do you have an interest in a Real Estate career? Are you nervous about where to start?

The Top Agent Team is looking for full-time realtors who want to gain the skills!

No matter what your career goals are, the Top Agent Team has a program to support your personal, financial, and professional success.

*Benefits of being part of the Top Agent Team:

- Top Agent Team offers a discount on required state licensing online course

- No monthly desk fees

- Free pre-licensing training

- Free on-going mentorship, support, and education

- Technology-driven

- Inclusive culture

Required Skills to be a Top Agent:

- Ability to work with a fast-paced focused team

- Ability to obtain a real estate license

- Commitment to follow-up on daily leads

- Respectable communication and networking skills

- Strong commitment to having a great career, work-life balance and a reputation for being the best in the business.

Job Type: Commission

Salary: $50,000.00 to $125,000.00 /year
Agent Testimonials 

Leads, Leads, LEADS!

Top Agents get an average of 30-40 qualified leads every month.

Inside Sales Associates 

In addition to our full administrative staff, Top Agent has a team of sales associates that help with transactions, compliance, and exposure.

Supportive Admin Team 

Our admin staff helps keep your transaction on track, meet state compliance regulation guidelines, and get your listings maximum exposure.

Top-Notch Training

We offer several training courses everyday taught by buying specialist, listing specialist and industry guest speakers. Learn about things such as real estate forms, legal matters, client interactions, lending, and much more.
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